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Please think about Infertility and Health Problems. No member of a family is having same Health problem. I observed more than 20000 cases out of which 10000 cases on Infertility and child birth viz some couples give birth to a child with some health/mental problems and some other
will give criminal/undesirable nature child.  I observed more than 2500 with Criminal or desired Nature.    I studied all cases through Medical Astrology and found the astrological causes of Infertility/Health Problems.
I also studied scientific reasons of Infertility/ Health Problems. I feel if majority of people know the scientific causes they can take necessary preventions.

I have created following blogs to educate the people all over the world and protect themselves
against any health problems.
See some of Defective child births around the Globe from my blog  Defectivebirths
1. Infertility : I have seen and observed more than 10000 children suffering from various diseases by birth viz mentally or physically handicapped, some children are criminal nature and other undesirable qualities. I researched it through Astrology over 40 years and found solution How to have Healthy  and Brilliant Child.  To know the scientific causes for infertility in Male and Female   Visit

Know about pre pregnany and after pregnancy, what Nutrients, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals etc..required to give birth to Healthy child visit

2. Heart Problems : such as Heart Attack, Heart failure etc. In all over the world its percentage
increases for every second 18% to 35% in each and every country.
What are the causes for it and how to prevent it. visit

3. Diabetes and Hypertension: Today more than 50% people are suffering from Diabetes or
Hypertension or Both. The complications are more as we normally expect. I studied in details
and I wish to educate all people around world to prevent from these diseases. Please go through

4. Asthma : Today more than 20% all over the world are suffering from Asthma Problem. They cannot sleep properly. We cannot explain their suffering from these disease. I studied this health problem for more than 15 years. I wish to educate all people around the world about these disease to take necessary steps

5. Liver Cirrhosis : Today most of the people are effecting this Health Problem. The main
causes are mentioned in my blog. Know it and prevent yourself

6. Cancer Problems : Cancer is one of Main Disease which will take the lives of affected ones.
As far as my knowledge is concern Cancer can be divided into 1. Breast Cancer 2. Throat Cancer
3. Stomach Cancer 4. Kidney/Prostate/Bladder Cancer 5. Colon and Rectum Cancer
6. Lung Cancer 7. Uterous Cancer 8. Skin Cancer 9. Bone or Muscle Cancer and
10. Tounge/throat/Mouth Cancer

You can see details in my blogs
7. Eye Problems : Know about Eye functioning. What are the eye problems?

8 Thyroid Problems : Know about Thyroid Problems and prevent it

9. Epilepsy : Know about Epilepsy and how to prevent the problems

10. Causes of Health Problems: For any infertility/health problems are weak position birth
signs/planets/malefic aspects are clearly mentioned. We also brought to you Nutritional values of Vegetables, Fruits, pulses etc to know values of food grains/vegetables/fruits etc which will
help us to cure various health problems.


11. Kidney Problems : Know Details Kidney Problems, kidney failures etc visit

Please write your comments/suggestions for Link further modification. If you satisfy, please tell
your friends/relatives to see my blogs to protect themselves against health problems.

I am offering medical astrology method to treat the above problems. I don't suggest any medicines. I only suggest vegetables/colors/fruits/other depending on their planetary position.
It is very cheap and will not have any side effects

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